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Babysitter Needed


Our Family is looking for a babysitter to help on a regular basis starting in August 2015 – but available before that to come and get to know the kids and the routine. Here is some information about our family and the job:

-Job: Looking for a responsible, loving, trust worthy female babysitter.
-Must have experience and references.
-Must be organized and energetic and can take directions well.
-Must be a good driver and have a good record – required to sign a no texting contract while driving the kids.
-Regular hours: Generally 2:30-6:30pm Tues/Wed/Thurs (1:45-6:30), occasionally help needed Monday and Friday afternoons from 3-5pm – weekend babysitting as needed.
-Kids: there are 4 kids, 12- 6 years old.
-The Kids are in school everyday until about 3pm, and have after school activities most days.
-Generally the care for the children will include getting them to their activities or helping with homework – keeping the schedule and very rarely all 4 kids are at home together.
-Helping get dinner going and light housekeeping.
.-pay: $12 per hour

If you are interested please email your resume or contact me with your information and we can set up a time to meet.

August 11, 2015

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