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Staycationing: Get out of the House, But Think Local

0 How many times have I collapsed, exhausted, into an airplane seat so tired by the effort of planning and then getting everything and everyone out the door for a vacation that I have thought to myself, Next year we are taking a staycation? Not to mention the cost. The answer: too many. This experience…

Making Their List, Checking It Twice

0 Its holiday gift time! My kids are still young enough that they dont really understand the concept of making a Christmas list, but still, lists need to be made. With grandparents and aunt and uncles living far away, the requests for their Christmas lists start coming around the end of November. Ive tried a…

9 Tips for Surviving Holiday Road Trips with Baby on Board

0 Some strategic planning can make driving over the river and through the woods much more bearable for everyone. Make a list and check it twice. When youre packing for yourself and one or more children, its all too easy to forget essential items, despite your best intentions. Thats why Ivana suggests starting early. Make…

Travel Packing Checklists

0 Include all the things you need to pack as well as things that need to be done before you leave. Consider letting the kids pack their own bags, pick outfits etc. That way, when you get there all the RIGHT things will be packed! Bring a small backpack with a change of clothes and…


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