• Please check our BUSINESS DIRECTORY to see if your name has been added. If not, you can click here to ADD A BUSINESSand fill out our Online Form. Your business will be listed as a STANDARD LISTING unless you decide to upgrade to our one yearBASIC or PREMIUM listing.
  • Advertising opportunities on our websites and in our newsletters are available for all types of budgets big and small.
  • ParentClick reaches local parents and delivers excellent advertising results since parents go on our website to do their research. Moms are our primary audience since they are managing the family schedule but we have a lot of active dads using ParentClick as well to plan their weekends with their kids. We live in a destination location and as a result, we have many family tourists using ParentClick to plan their vacations.
  • BUSINESS DIRECTORY is a great way to let families know about your business. Too many things in your community are word of mouth and parents get frustrated that they do not hear about the businesses they need at the time they need them. People also forget that many businesses & organizations offer more than one service. has more than 12,000 businesses/non-profits in our database. Paid organizations (businesses, non profits, schools) receive a profile page that allows them to customize their profile with photos and ads and maximize their exposure by providing feeds from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Paid organizations have access to a business dashboard that allows them the opportunity to access and update their content at any time.
  • COMMUNITY CALENDAR Businesses listed on the site have the opportunity to post events on the calendar.
  • PERKS & DISCOUNTS We also have a parent perks page if you are interested in giving families a special offer to your business.
  • CHATTER & EDITORIAL Organizations can post press releases, highlights, acknowledge staff and more, keeping parents up to date.
  • eNEWSLETTERS All businesses that do a listing on the site are mentioned in our newsletter after we receive your contract so that families know to look for you on the site. Your business name is also posted on our homepage for up to 2 weeks.
  • ParentClick, Inc. (aka is an organization committed to centralizing resources for parents within their own communities while creating affordable marketing packages so that both businesses and non profits can reach the family demographic. strives to maintain a parent network that is comprehensive and clearly reflects each individual community in order to provide parents choices when they need resources.
  • reaches parents of all socio-economic levels and offers a broad range of information that is useful to parents, grandparents, teachers and others working with children, 0-18 years. works to exceed the expectations of our members, businesses and partners by providing a high quality, well -designed, easy to use site.
  • ParentClick membership is free and allows members access to every page on the site and the option to post comments, and recommend businesses and events to help grow their local community. ParentClick members have access to their personal dashboard where they can track events, resources, classifieds, chatter and more through their notepad.
  • is an online publisher that provides a pulse on the local scene and a city guide for families in communities nationwide. has been changing the way parents research local family resources for the past 15 years by providing local parenting information.
  • We are committed to giving families a quality site. We are equally committed to supporting the businesses listed on the site. Every family has different needs and every business offers something unique. One of the many benefits of advertising on is the personal attention you will receive. You can change the wording, images, and details of your listing at any time. We work with you to advertise your events, classes, and promotions.
  • sponsors more then 100 non profit events every year to help bring more awareness on local events and support local non profits.
  • We can provide in -kind media sponsor packages ranging from $100 to $10,000 depending on your marketing needs. Contact us 4-6 weeks prior to the event.
  • The applying organization must have a basic listing in order to qualify ($115/year). Applying organization is responsible for posting their event on our calendar and providing all ads to be used on website and in newsletters. Please share the exposure that will receive (ie: Logo in program or print ads, complimentary tickets, banner or table at event, mention in radio/tv spots) We request that banner and postcards are picked up and dropped off for events.
  • is pro-active with marketing in the community. Throughout the year, we do movie theatre ads, radio ads, TV ads, tourist kiosk ads, magazine ads, newspaper ads, phone book ads and we have link exchanges on many websites. We have marketing materials at the tourist centers and distribute marketing materials all year in runner bags at races, in preschools & businesses and events that we sponsor. We distribute a camp and back to school guide. We speak at parenting groups & PTA meetings. We partner with local media and Chambers of Commerce. We have also been featured in several articles that can be viewed on our site.


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