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October 21, 2014

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  1. dalina says:

    We would love to win a membership to the museum of natural history!
    One of our favorite things to do in SB is the “Fabulous Fridays” at the SB downtown public library- great space and always new teachers sharing special activities like dance, music, and exercise. If you go- get there early- they open at 10am and it’s always crowded.

  2. Stephanie Torres says:

    I enjoy reading the parent click site, even though my children are grown, they have given me lovely grandchildren. this site is an excellent resource. As for Fiesta Dignatario tickets I would love to win them. This is one of those few events that are ADULT only! A little food, a little drinky and a whole lotta of dancing. Woo Hoo and Viva La Fiesta

  3. Michelle Restivo says:

    As a marketing coordinator for a local orthodontic office, we have partnered with ParentClick for a number of years and look to them as a resource and guide for our participation in events within the community. Parentclick is the best resource for all of Santa Barbara’s To-do’s whether you are a long-time resident, new to the area, or even someone traveling through town on vacation!

    On a personal level, with my first child, I now look to ParentClick for advice and fun activities to participate in. I especially appreciate the personal stories shared by ParentClick’s editors and staff-it is so nice to know there are other moms going through the very same challenges!

  4. dalina says:

    ParentClick is a great resource when I am trying to see what is coming up in SB and figuring out activities to try! Thank you for having it all located on one website!!! (you asked what we would like to win? We would love to win tickets to Laurie Berkner concert!)

  5. Sara Thurman says:

    I really like the new site because it’s mobile friendly. I get the weekly newsletters and can now read more about a particular topic straight from my iPhone! Thanks for updating. My kiddos are ages 4 and 1. Who has time to use a desktop computer anymore these days anyway?

  6. Alicia says:

    The new format is great. I especially love the mobile site! It’s very easy to navigate and find what I’m looking for. The calendar is a favorite resource!

  7. Rashannah Hadala says:

    I really like the information on different family activities I find on the parent click site.

  8. Nancy H says:

    I enjoy reading the articles, they are very well written. The updates on activities for kids are also very useful and informative. Keep up the great work!