Santa Barbara Humane Society

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  • 5399 Overpass Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93111, USA



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Pets available for adoption, dog obedience classes, summer Critter Camp & tours for school groups.

The Santa Barbara Humane Society has many wonderful pets available for adoption. We are open 10AM 5PM Monday through Saturday and welcome visitors to our shelter. The SBHS is a local non-profit organization with a strong commitment to education, especially regarding responsible pet ownership and kindness to all animals.

We offer educational shelter tours for elementary school classes and for after-school groups.

We also promote education for the family dog by sponsoring evening dog obedience classes taught by local trainers. These popular, reduced-fee training classes are offered throughout the year. Please call 964-4777 x17 to schedule a tour or to inquire about our summer camp or dog obedience classes.


During the summer months, we offer a fun and educational camp for animal lovers between the ages of 9 and 11. Critter camp gives children the opportunity to have fun learning about companion animal care and the humane treatment of all animals. Our activities include visits with the adoption animals, lessons and activities on caring for animals and animal behavior, crafts, videos, games, and much more! 3 SESSIONS

  • Lost and Found Hotline
  • Pet Relinquishment
  • Our Adoption Process
  • Pet Boarding
  • Veterinary Clinic
  • Dog Obedience Classes
  • Pet Loss & Grief Counseling
  • Would you be willing to help the animals at the Santa Barbara Humane Society? Many of our animals need time with people to keep them adoptable. Contact us to discover all the ways you can help!
  • The Santa Barbara Humane Society relies heavily on volunteer help. We have a wonderful group of people who dedicate numerous hours of their time for the sake of the shelter animals. Volunteers perform many vital tasks, the most visible of which is the work they do directly with the adoption animals. They provide the dogs and cats with companionship and exercise, which helps to keep the animals temperamentally sound, socialized, and adoptable.
  • Volunteers also work in the administrative office helping to send mailings to thousands of members. There are usually six mailings per year, which involve more folding, stuffing, and stapling than the staff could accomplish without volunteer help. Some volunteers not only offer their time throughout the year, but also help us on the first Sunday in May with our annual Open House. Additionally, we have a very dedicated group of horse rescue volunteers who are ready to respond any time a horse is in need of assistance.

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