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VISION Poppins provides support for parents and children, to achieve their full potential with dignity and kindness.

To advance and guide children and parents with information and strategies that create intelligence, openness, opportunities for expression, self-discovery, meaningful thoughts, productivity, and responsibility for treating each other with respect.


AFTERSCHOOL SERVICES for children in grades kindergarten through 6th
TUTORING for children in grades kindergarten through 6th grade
CHILD-CENTERED APPROACHESchildren learn by doing!
INDIVIDUAL AND SMALL GROUP ATTENTION with homework and personal enrichment classes
UNSTRUCTURED PLAYTIME with peers to explore passions and interests
NURTURING RELATIONSHIPS take time and genuine interest for trust and change to occur.


Translating a childs needs into understandable and practical actions
Learning challenges
Low motivation
Supporting parents by providing new vision and ideas
Advanced curriculum needs
Developmental delays
Inconsistent behavior between home and school
Not wanting to go to school
Systems for lessening homework battles
Separation anxiety
Finding resources: materials, other professionals
Attending student study team meetings and IEPs


After-school, children have free play time to decompress from the school day and play. There are opportunities for quiet and time with friends. Instinctively, the children use this time to pursue their own needs, and interests. A healthy snack is offered and children are welcome to bring their own food. such as fruit smoothies, veggies and dip, homemade soup, yogurt, and quesadillas.

When we begin working on homework, students study independently, with peers, or with me to complete assignments and practice skills. Time management, clarifying directions, progressing through assignments, setting goals, creating timelines, and discussing next steps are some of the things I assist them with. When homework is well on its way or completed, we begin an enrichment activity.

Enrichment classes begin when homework is complete or nearly done. Activities are a blend of the things children want to learn about and topics I believe they will enjoy and benefit from. Examples of past requests are: pets, pen pals, how to draw people or dolphins, share stories, and how wiener dogs were made.

There are several areas, in my home, where children play. There is a large art studio, full of arts and craft materials, books, blocks, train tracks, baby dolls, dress-up clothes, musical instruments, and a 5 X 4 fort, and computer. There are two window seats where students can read, knit, and play games.
In the kitchen, there is a large cabinet full of board games, cards, puzzles, and other activities to play with at the kitchen table or outside.

Spaces are designed to facilitate movement and activity. They are clean and designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Not all materials are put out every day, to encourage exploration and perk up interest throughout the year. There is mess at any given time, an important and necessary part of childhood discovery.Areas in the backyard used for play are: the flower and vegetable garden; the zoo (an 11 X 13 fort-like space the children named); a grassy space for ball games, gymnastics, etc.; and a tent with an over-sized bear, pillows, and blankets. The distinct play spaces and activities enhance areas of development: cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and creative and cross-age and gender play.
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Mentoring is a collaborative approach between me, the parent, and child, that transforms struggles into successes. It works best with frequent contact. Positive changes are made, by implementing parenting practices that are respectful to children, changing the way they respond.

My preference is to meet with the child first and listen to what they would like help with. Parents and I meet shortly thereafter. Together well discover how your child learns best, what motivates them, and what it takes for them to thrive. Conversations, study skills, time management, stress management, effective reading, note-taking and test-taking, strategies to create organization and clearer thinking are utilized.

Mentoring benefits students who strive and find work challenging as well as students who are highly motivated and hungry for more advanced information.

It can be helpful to see a child in multiple environments to uncover patterns. Information may be gathered at home, school, and during extracurricular activities to enhance our decisions and action plan.

I am available for Student Study Team meetings and Individualized Education Plans. My role is to lessen anxiety and offer teachers further insights and options. The objective is to uncover your childs unique needs and find the best ways to meet those needs.

Tutoring is for individuals or small groups, who may need support with specific subjects or skills. It is useful for students who are advanced or homeschooled. Focused individual attention gives immediate feedback and informs Michele about how to simplify or expand a concept. Supported with new ways to approach subject matter, anxiety lessens. Ease changes brain chemistry, and allows new perceptions and motivation to blossom. Tutoring is available year round.

Classes are for children, teens, and adults who would like to improve their drawing skills. Students, who do not believe they can draw please know these classes are designed especially for you.

Art classes compliment and enrich academics by improving concentration, critical thinking skills, fine motor skills, visual-spatial perception, intuition, and inventiveness. Socially, art skills enhance self-expression, trust, self-acceptance and recognition of improvement, valuing and appreciating peer work, collaboration, and as an outlet for saying what cannot be said. Art offers children unique experiences that cannot be repeated and gives joy and meaning to their daily experiences.

The objective of the lessons is to learn about the subject we are drawing, identify the elements of shape, practice parts of the drawing, and draw the subject initially with guided steps. Once the basic drawing is complete, we discuss possible backgrounds and the artist is free to fill the drawing in as he or she sees fit. Abundant materials support the artists imagination and expression.

A variety of art classes such as drawing, painting, collage, vision boards, and crafts are offered in the evenings. You are welcome to bring your own materials or use mine.

Private parties of family and friends are welcome to schedule an art event or classes. Here are a few possibilities:
Childrens birthday parties
Girls night out
Family gatheringexample: members draw their version of the family pet or
other subject.
Make decorations for a particular occasion or holiday
Spend valuable time creating with older family members
High tea and art

Mentoring is useful for maximizing parenting skills and communication with children. The aim is to increase parent awareness and determine options. Well question whats been tried, observe the present situation, and use a combination of intuition and research, to discover what works.
I am an optimist and part terrier! My experiences as a mother, student, and teacher, have taught me to build on what a person can do. Persistence in spite of difficulty and opposition, is how I locate pieces to the puzzle that fit.
Having undergone my own difficulties as a young child, with learning to read phonetically, I have an intimate understanding and a deep compassion for children coping with learning and school frustrations and the parents who love them and need ease.

A small group of parents meet to discuss topics they would like help with in relation to parenting. The aim of the meetings is to listen to each others parenting narratives, and discover the truth of what will bring the most support and happiness to the situation. The guided attention, intuition, exploration, and collective experiences are productive and useful.

My primary goal is to have parents to meet and collaborate with one another. Well cultivate parent awareness, identify parenting options, and design specific tools for you and your child. Child development stages, current research, psychology, and our collective experiences will inform our methodologies.

January 7, 2016

Poppins Family Services is a wonderful after-school program full of enrichment activities, homework help, and peer guidance in a nurturing environment. I highly recommend this program to your K-6 grade child!

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