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Professional Nanny – Special Needs Caregiver

2 Hi! Ive worked with babies & preschoolers for 20 years. I have associate degrees in child development, criminal justice, and counseling. I usually charge $16an hour, have great references and can send a resume if necessary. Available all time slots. Email Thanks! September 1, 2014sparkle CLASSIFIEDS: Babysitters Leave a comment Cancel reply 2…

Visiting Grandparents in a nursing home

0 Five ways to make your childs first nursing home visit a happy one When its time to visit loved ones at a retirement home, many kids (and a few adults) get a little nervous. But a retirement community isnt a place where people go to die; its a place where they go to live….

Thinking of Getting a Dog?

0 The benefits of having pets are many, but so are the responsibilities Patti Pages 1952 song (How Much is) that Doggie in the Window? became a hit for a reason and its not entirely because its a catchy tune. Most of us can relate to a song about falling in love with a puppy…

Congratulations It’s a . . . DOG!!!!

0 You are a new dog owner, now what?! We had been considering getting a family pet for many months. I researched the pros and cons of dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, hamsters and even chickens. We knew we wanted a pet that was relatively low maintenance, good with children and a companion for our…

Travel Packing Checklists

0 Include all the things you need to pack as well as things that need to be done before you leave. Consider letting the kids pack their own bags, pick outfits etc. That way, when you get there all the RIGHT things will be packed! Bring a small backpack with a change of clothes and…

Starting a Chore Chart with Your Kids

0 I like to refer to my house as an active tornado. Having three small children there seems to always be constant commotion, and with that commotion comes a constant messy house! I have to admit I have a bad habit of picking up after my kids. I can usually do it faster and more…


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