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In 2002, Rachael Ross Steidl, founder of ParentClick, Inc. started the SBParent.com website for families in Santa Barbara, California. As a new mother, she was motivated to create a website to support families when she saw parents struggling to find resources for their children. In 2004, after seeing the impact this site had in her community and hearing comments from parents in other cities wanting this same resource, Rachael launched ParentClick.com. This allowed her to expand from one community to being in multiple communities nationwide as a one-stop, web based research portal for families. ParentClick.com was built from hard work, thorough research, a passion to support parents and a love of seeing families taking advantage of incredible programs in their community.

In 2011, the ParentClick.com network expanded again with a newly designed site to create better search options, a member community and a social networking presence. This online community and parenting resource has grown from a handful of parents to more than 40,000 parent members with more joining daily.

ParentClick.com is an online publisher that provides a pulse on the local scene and a city guide for families in communities nationwide. ParentClick.com reaches parents of all socio-economic levels and offers a broad range of information that is useful to parents, grandparents, teachers and others working with children, 0-18 years.We are parents and we understand how important it is to be able to find resources when you need them (playgroups, safe playgrounds, family-friendly restaurants, camps). The site content has been developed by a team of parents who care about their community. While we attempt to scour our community for information, we know there is always more. Share tips on your favorite hot spots to play with your children, the child-friendly businesses you frequent and other resources you cannot live without.


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voicemail 800.380.9110 x20 | fax 800.380.0734 | PO Box 60135, Santa Barbara, CA 93160 Our Team

Becca Eliasen | Managing Editor

Contact:800.380.9110 x20 |Goleta, CA |Email | Blog | Profile


Becca lives with her husband, two children, and faithful golden retriever in Goleta, CA. She grew up in Seattle, WA and settled in the Santa Barbara area after graduating from Westmont College. Becca recently traded in high heels and lunches out for a yoga-pants-based work-at-home-mom lifestyle (although she still likes lunches out). She loves being involved in the community, has been a Big Sister for many years, and is the new coordinator for Goleta MOPS. When she’s not pureeing vegetables or stacking blocks, Becca enjoys reading, writing, shopping and sneaking in a spa day with her friends.

Community: Santa Barbara County, CA

Jamie Steidl | Chief Financial Officer

Contact:Goleta, CA |Email | Profile


Jamie wears several hats and one of those is as CFO of ParentClick, Inc. Jamie is also a Research Seismologist at UCSB and the father of 3 girls.


Juan Leon | Director of Business Development

Contact:800.380.9110 x21 |Email | Profile


Juan Leon is a native of California and spent much of his professional career in international M&A and investment management after studying at Stanford University. Juan, his wife and their joyful daughter relocated back to California in 2012. Prior to that time, they had been living and working in Tokyo, London and New York. Juan is passionate about impacting the community positively through his role at ParentClick and active involvement with nonprofit organizations. He has embraced numerous opportunities to volunteer as a youth tutor, mentor and coach, and Juan is currently serving on the finance and fundraising committees of several nonprofits.

Community: Santa Barbara County, CA

Kim Young | VP & Trainer

Contact:775.200.8075 |Email | Profile


Kim lives in Reno, Nevada with her husband and three children, ages 13, 11 and 7. She grew up in Reno and attended the University of Nevada, Reno where she earned her Bachelor’s of Social Work. Leaving Reno to explore Santa Barbara and then Las Vegas, Kim, her husband and children returned to Reno 3 years ago. Part of the ParentClick team for the last 5 years, Kim enjoys connecting with new Editors from throughout the country and looks forward to having ParentClick sites in every state!


Rachael Steidl | CEO & Publisher

Contact:805.448.2426 |Email | Blog | Profile


Rachael is a native of Santa Barbara, California and a mother of three girls, ages 10 and 13 (twins). Prior to becoming a mother, her work experience included many years in marketing and management. She received her M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. Rachael is actively involved in the community serving on several local boards and volunteering in her daughter’s schools. She is passionate about the community and enjoys the challenge of running a business while balancing the day to day obstacles of motherhood.


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