10 Etiquette tips for attending holiday parties

0 Well, well, well A topic that Ive given MUCH thought to since venturing in to the event planning industry a few years ago Etiquette and Manners. Since I am writing this the week before Thanksgiving, which is the modern day beginning-of- Christmas I am going to make this topic season appropriate with the Holiday…

17 Resolutions to Make This the Year of Conscious Parenting

0 As parents most of us have the right intentions, but in the hustle and bustle of daily life, its difficult to parent positively. As a result, a lot of our interactions with our kids are reactive. Its important to become more aware of our parenting behaviors. Just like professional development and getting your finances…

5 Back to School Body Language Tips To Fight Off Bullies

0 Going back to school should be an exciting time in every childs or teens life. They get to see their friends after the summer break and make new ones. However, a lot of students are faced with severe anxiety and stress when a new school year comes around. Whether its facing the school bully,…

9 Tips for Surviving Holiday Road Trips with Baby on Board

0 Some strategic planning can make driving over the river and through the woods much more bearable for everyone. Make a list and check it twice. When youre packing for yourself and one or more children, its all too easy to forget essential items, despite your best intentions. Thats why Ivana suggests starting early. Make…

A Few Writing Tricks

0 In the Words of a Professional I asked one of our writing tutors if he knew any tricks that he could share, something that possibly a student doesnt hear at school. And this is what Eli said: In writing, there is no formula mastered or diagram memorized that will lead you to the correct…

A Restorative Approach to Repairing Relationships

2 LOVE MEANS HAVING TO SAY MORE THAN IM SORRY by Dr. Jennifer Freed Sometimes saying,Im sorry isnt enough to heal the pain caused by acts of harm like lying, saying hateful things, breaking agreements or excluding friends. All of us will make some of these mistakes at times in our lives, and others will…

A tribute to Sam, a young man with a big heart

2 We lost a very special young man last week in Santa Barbara. Sam Osterhage was a senior at Dos Pueblos High School. Heplayed on the boys water polo team. Sam wasa passionate musician playing at Rockshop Academy. But those were just the things he did, this does not begin to touch on the person…

Annual Santa Barbara City Advisory Group Recruitment

0 The City of Santa Barbara is seeking individuals to serve on the various City Advisory Groups. Currently, the City has 34 advisory groups and the members of these groups play an important role in shaping our community. If youre an individual interested in making a difference in your community, contributing ideas, and being a…


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