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Local Students Take Water Concerns Global

Knox Bake Sale

At The Knox school of Santa Barbara, the 5th and 6th graders have been immersed in the study

of water. From its chemical composition to the unique role it plays in creating and sustaining life,

the students spent much of the fall learning about water.


Now, three students at the school are taking their studies one step further, launching a clean

water service learning project. The student-driven initiative started with a bake sale last Monday,

with funds going to organizations dedicated to addressing the water crisis in Ethiopia and in

Flint, Michigan. Moving forward, the students plan to work with students at other schools to

foster partnerships in this fundraising drive.  This project also inspired multiple members of the

school community to match the proceeds from the bake sale, thereby increasing the benefit to

these organizations and augmenting the work the students initiated.


As one parent commented, “I know this is a simple gesture by Knox students, but it is a direct

result of Knox’s consistent nurturing of the students’ deep concern for social issues, encouraging

them to pursue causes they are passionate about, and helping them learn how to use their voice

for change.”


This project is a shining example of the unique learning environment offered at The Knox

School, a school in downtown Santa Barbara, founded four years ago to educate and support

GIFTED AND TALENTED LEARNERS. The school’s unique integrated curriculum model

nurtures students’ deep concerns for global issues, encouraging and teaching them to take a

leadership role to effect the change they want to see.

March 31, 2017

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