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Home Alone Safety Training

Every parent eventually faces the decision to leave his or her child home alone for the first time.
Why not empower children aged 8 – 12 with confidence and skills to care for themselves when on their own at home! This is a comprehensive safety and life skills course that teaches kids about street smarts, people awareness, home alone routines, house rules, expectations, siblings & getting along, homework, safe snacking, strangers at the door, package deliveries, internet safety, fire safety and general first aid. Parents are provided with a step by step guide to help them prepare their children for independence.

When deciding whether to leave a child home alone, you will want to consider your child’s physical, mental, developmental, and emotional well-being; his or her willingness to stay home alone; and laws and policies in your State regarding this issue. Only three states have laws governing when you can leave a child alone, California is not one of them. You must decide as the parent, now is the time to prepare your child to be on their own in your absence. Peace of Mind and confidence begins with Mom & Dad!

Enroll Today-
$55 Per Student or 2 Sibs/BFFs 2 for $99
Course Attendance DOES NOT guarantee that it is safe for your child to stay home alone.
Next Class is November 21 9 Am to 1 P.M
Please bring a Snack

October 17, 2016

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