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Tragedy Strikes One of Ours! Help and Donations Needed!!


When I learned of the tragedy that struck one of our beloved partners, Art Explorers & Terrific Scientific, I immediately started thinking “what can we do?”  I’m asking all our wonderful readers to consider any possibilities to help out.  Please see below for details:

One of their camp locations, Goleta Presbyterian Church, was broken into last week and 35 of their computers were stolen! Who steals from kids?  And from a church??  It is astounding to me that anyone would break into a place of faith and steal equipment needed for KIDS…but it happened and they are working hard to recover, but they need our help!  Amazingly, all of their camps have gone one without a hitch!  Kudos!!

Here are a few opportunities to help:Art_Explorers_Logo_300x320

  • Interested in donating?  Visit their Go Fund Me
  • Many companies upgrade their computers on a regular basis. If you work for a company that has older computers to donate, they would love to be the recipient. Any older or refurbished computer that has 4g memory will work fine for their needs.
  • If your organization has any kind of community grants that they could apply for, that too would be helpful to know.
  • If your organization can only donate to a “non-profit” organization, the Goleta Presbyterian Church will accept the computers as part of their teen programs and allow Art Explorers & Terrific Scientific to use them.  They can provide a tax donation receipt.
  • If you personally have older computers that are still working and you want to donate, they would gladly accept.
  • Do you have a flat screen TV to donate to Goleta Presbyterian Church?  The Teen Room of GPC could use a flat screen TV if anyone has an older model they want to donate.

All of their remaining camps this summer WILL RUN, and they’re determined to move forward positively and energetically to provide high quality, fun and rewarding camp experiences for your child.  My daughter just finished the Sous Chef camp and can’t stop talking about it!  Onolee and her team really know how to put on quality camps.

KEYT News did a story on Friday night, below is a link. Add your comments if so inclined. To date, 8 computers and 2 monitors have been donated. Each and every person’s donation truly makes a difference for each camp.


What we know about the theft is there were no fingerprints, gloves were used, so the likelihood of catching someone is very low. They have liability insurance but that did not cover computers, unfortunately. They will be making changes to their insurance to include equipment.  Also, unfortunately, Goleta Presbyterian Church’s (GPC) insurance does not cover their belongings either. They lost a large flat screen TV from their Teen Room in addition to the damage to the kitchen windows, but because of a very high deductible, they will not make a claim. To help, GPC has added additional security internally and will be installing security cameras. Should there be a second attempt to steal, it will be far more difficult and caught on camera!

As a small business owner, Onolee Zwicke, Director of the camp, has lived in Santa Barbara/Goleta for 33 years and provided programs to ours kids in Santa Barbara, Goleta and Montecito for almost 15 years. Please help provide the caring and support she needs during this difficult time.  We are an AMAZING community, and I know we will help.  Thank you!

Onolee Zwicke, Director can be reached at 805-570-1988 or email: 

I cannot wait to heat how our community helps Art Explorers & Terrific Scientific!!  Thank you for your Helping Spirit, Santa Barbara!

July 26, 2016

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