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We are lucky (some might say blessed) to live in a community filled with so many opportunities. Try to take time this summer to experience something new as a family… expose your kids to music, theater and art.

Most children have a natural enthusiasm and curiosity for the arts when they are young. Continuing their exposure to the arts as they grow will help maintain their interest. Art is often an everyday part of life that we do not always recognize that our kids are either observing or actively participating in… Listening to music, painting, dancing, and acting.

There are many ways as a parent to continue teaching an appreciation of the arts. Keep music on in the house, for example. Listen to different genres. Dance while you’re cooking! Explore museums in your community and when you travel. Point out buildings and the different types of architecture around town. Attend plays and musicals at the local schools and theaters. Show your kids how to photograph people, landscapes and objects. Sign your kids up for lessons and camps focused on dance, theater, music, and art so they can learn for themselves what it means to express themselves. And share stories of times when you remember learning an art, or when something caught your eye, or a song rang true in your heart.

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July 10, 2016

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