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Summer to Do Lists for College Admission and Career Advisement

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Graduating and Off to College:

If your child is graduating and off to college, there are many items to take care of this summer before they start their first year. If your child took any college courses at SBCC or any AP courses where they scored a 3 or above, make sure the college gives your child credit for these courses. This can save you lots of money in tuition in the long run. You should meet with your child’s academic advisor to identify where these courses fit in the college’s general education or major course list. Additionally, it is very important to put together a 4-year education plan for your child to ensure they graduate in 4 years. Today, most kids unfortunately are taking 5-6 years to graduate, which costs lots more in tuition, and most importantly, a loss of income for all of those years your child is still in college. Remember you can still take summer school classes at SBCC while you are in college. Make sure your child still maintains a high GPA in college if they plan of going off to graduate school. Be active in college life, take on leadership roles when possible, be part of the honor’s society, identify professors who you can obtain letters of recommendation for jobs or graduate school, and most importantly, do internships. Many students who graduate from college cannot find jobs so it is paramount to start your job connections early while you are still in college.

Junior in High School:

If your child is a junior in high school, there are lots of do to prepare for the fall college application process. By this summer, your child should have taken the SAT or the ACT exam, identified some teachers to ask for letters of recommendation, reviewed all of their course work to see what last courses they can take over the summer or fall to boost their GPA and/or rigor, and review and identify what other extracurricular activities they can participate in over the summer and/or fall to help improve their chances of getting into the college of their choice. If your child is a junior, there are only 2 terms left to impress colleges. Make these 2 last terms the best. Lastly, it is wise to spend this summer researching colleges, visiting colleges, researching scholarships, and get a head start on the college admission essays and applications. Those that start early are less stressed in the fall.

Freshman and Sophomore in High School:

If your child is a 9th or 10th grader in high school, there is lots to do to prepare for college admission. Currently, I am helping many students in this age group by reviewing their high school educational plans to ensure they are on a college prep track and offering other ideas/solutions for any challenges that kids may have with their high school courses. For example, many families do not know that their child can take SBCC courses instead of high school courses. This is an added bonus since these courses not only count as college credit, but also high school credit. I urge parents to have their kids take math and English at SBCC so that they don’t have to waste a year or 2 taking these courses in college. In fact, you can test out of all of your college math and English requirements if you are strategic about where and when you take them. I am also reviewing students’ entire profiles to see how it aligns with the college profiles of the preferred list of colleges. I just met a parent who told me her daughter applied to 7 colleges and got rejected from all of them. I told the parent that the profiles must not have been matched appropriately in addition to not applying to a “safety college.” Her daughter now is trying to figure out what to do in the fall.  Make sure this doesn’t happen to your child.

Career Advisement:

With my many years as a Career and Technical Dean, I help kids as well as adults with career advisement. I help all ages identify what career path they would like to go into and then identify the educational pathway or training required for this occupation along with labor market analysis. Let me know if you need any assistance with career planning. I have many stories of kids obtaining a degree in a major that the child no longer was interested in or couldn’t get a job after graduating. I have all of the labor market statistics so I know the jobs of the future. What majors have a higher probability of job placement? This is an important question. College graduation employability also varies. You want to select colleges that have a higher wage earnings upon graduation.


Avenues is a full service college and career advisement firm for young students as well as adults looking for a career change. Services include college admittance assistance, international student assistance, educational planning starting as early as junior high to college graduation, career planning, scholarship and financial aid advisement, college success counseling, and tutoring for all ages. To set up a FREE 20 minute phone consultation or contact the firm, please email at or call (818) 359-0859. You can find us at the following web site:


May 31, 2016

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