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December Holiday Scholastic K-8 Chess Tournament


Non-Rated Section: For new and beginning players in K-8 grades.

This section is Non-Rated which means that the results will not be submitted to USCF.

Writing down moves is encouraged but not required.
Using a clock is encouraged but not required.

  • USCF rules for Scholastic tournament.
  • 4 rounds SS (Swiss System) – Everyone plays 4 games against players with approximately the same number of wins and losses after each round.
  • Each game lasts 30 minutes (15 minute for each player)
  • Tournament Director (TD) discretion may be used for any pairings. We will try to avoid pairings against siblings and classmates for initial rounds.
  • Please bring chess boards (Tournament Size or Big Size) and chess clocks if you have them.
  • Round 1 10:00 am
  • Round 2 10:30 am
  • Round 3 11:00 am.
  • Round 4 11:30 am
  • 12:15 Results and Medal distribution to winners
Registration & Entry Fees:
  • $10 per participant.
    Cash Only
    Only 32 players allowed. Confirm your participation by email to (Student Name, Grade, School)
  • Will be decided and depends on the number of participants.

For more details, check the craiglist under event , chess

November 28, 2015

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