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College Admission to Graduation Checklist



What college has your major?
What is the best college for your child?
Visit the college if possible. Sign up for summer programs for high school students.
Review the major courses and faculty.
Review college data, e.g., graduate rates, loan default rate, earning potential, etc.
Review college profile against your child’s profile.
Complete financial aid package and scholarship applications.

Admission Process

Common application completed.
Letters of recommendation – one should be from your field of study/major.
Transcripts from high school and colleges including community college.
Portfolio (for some majors).
Interview (for some majors).
Obtain AP credit.
Submit ACT or SAT test scores.
Ensure the high school student report has been completed (high school counselor completes).

After Admission

Check to ensure all items have been received.
If you took the ACT or SAT after the admission deadline, make sure the new scores are sent.
Continue good grades and activities at school and in the community.
Work on financial aid packages for each college looking at what each college has to offer, outside grants, scholarships, etc.
Submit final college and high school transcripts.
Continually check emails from the colleges you sent applications to following up on any questions or items including orientation dates, required deposits for dorms, acceptance, etc.
Make your final decision on what college you want to attend and submit your final acceptance by May 1.

First Year of College

Meet with your academic adviser.
Put a 4-6 year educational plan together with all of the courses you need to take for your general education and major requirements.
Map out all of your courses on a grid for each term including summer if possible.
Start identifying faculty that you can obtain letters of recommendations from before you graduate.
Start researching internship opportunities both on and off campus.
Obtain good grades and take advantage of all of the student support services on campus.

Before Graduation

Secure letters of recommendation.
Complete internships in your field of study and occupation.
Obtain competency in the skills and knowledge required for your selected occupation.
Review job listings for your occupation to ensure you have the skills and knowledge for these positions.

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November 16, 2015

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