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Share Halloween tips & favorite places to trick or treat


Share everything from creative costumes, to decorating your home to your favorite neighborhood to trick or treat…

  • What are your families HALLOWEEN TRADITIONS?
  • Do you have any special HALLOWEEN TIPS?
  • Do you have any unique ideas for creating your own COSTUME?
  • What is your FAVORITE NEIGHBORHOOD for Trick or Treating?

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October 13, 2015

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  1. Olivia says:

    Our neighborhood on the westside is a great one for trick-or-treaters. We live near the corner of West Micheltorena and Chino Street. The neighbors across from us barbeque burgers and hot dogs in their front yard and hand them out for free! Additionally, there are a couple of houses that set up a haunted house in their front yard for trick-or-treaters and their families to walk through, but watch out because they are seriously scary.

    Today I made a very simple bat costume. It took me 20 minutes to put the entire costume together. I used a pair of old black work pants. I cut out bat shaped wings and safety pinned them onto a black long sleeve shirt. Then I cut out two small triangles for ears and hot glued them onto a black headband. I plan to wear black shorts since it’s been so warm, but it looks cute with leggings too!

  2. Marygrace says:

    We stay in our Eastside neighborhood, kids know area & old enough to go by themselves; they have flashlights & cellphones. (Not like when we were kids!) We usually stay out for about an hour or so, that’s long enough & they like to hand out candy also. I usually make about 100 treat bags & they are gone – lights out!

  3. tibri says:

    My family’s Halloween traditions start with festive decorations consisting of spiders in glow in the dark webs in the windows, multiple pumpkins and squash of all colors and sizes, Halloween figurines (mummys, bats, ghosts) along with the baking aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg spiced muffins. After dark the spooky movies begin (Paranorman, Frankenweenie, Coraline, Hotel Transylvania) or we settle down for a creepy story read by flashlight. For daytime adventures, it is also a tradition to venture over to Lane Farms to get lost in their corn maze, play in the hay, and go for a hay ride. We also love Larry the donkey! Trick-or-Treating at Calle Real is a safe and fun which is why we always start there, then end up roaming through the crowds in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood. So much fun, so much sugar!!

  4. Reyna Angel says:

    My sister and I get together with our childhood friends and families. We meet up in the old neighborhood on Hope Avenue at our friend’s house. We have a potluck dinner and cocktails with everyone. Take pictures of the kids all together and then we take the kids trick or treating at Lincolnwood. It’s so fun to carry on our trick or treating traditions with the next generation. Lincolnwood is awesome. The houses are decorated to the nines and the treats are fantastic!!

  5. Kate Smith says:

    Our family enjoys trick-or-treating in Concha Loma in Carpinteria. The Carpinteria downtown trick or treating is great too.

  6. Sarah Mack says:

    The Westside is awesome…Free BBQ hot dogs, haunted houses and lots of candy…Micheltorena Street Rocks!

  7. Sarah Brewer says:

    Our family enjoy the Eastside Neighborhood. Unique houses and decorations, and of course lots of candy:)

  8. Briana Serrato says:

    N San Marcos neighborhoods, especially across from Blueberry Hill

  9. Sharon Parker says:

    our favorite neighborhood to trick or treat is in Buellton off Sycamore and 2nd street by the Elementary school. We usually go when it’s light outside though since my kids are still pretty young. We get home just as it’s getting real dark and then the kids hand out candy to the rest of the kids! We get lots of kids. Recommendations would be flashlights and be aware of cars!! Be safe out there

  10. Rashannah Hadala says:

    Boo at the Zoo!

  11. Mary Arriaga says:

    Our favorite neighborhood to trick or treating is in Montecito because my kids enjoy and love to go over there! and there are a lot of scary people and stuff in the stores that my kids like to see! people is so kind!

  12. Monique Littlejohn says:

    By far, my favorite community to trick or treat is Winchester Commons. I’ve known the neighbors for years and feel safe to send my ghoul out.

  13. GoletaMom says:

    Storke Ranch is the best! It is safe and so many houses to visit!! You don’t have to worry about cars. The kids love it!

  14. sbmom says:

    We love to trick or treat on Lincolnwood Drive in San Roque or Storke Ranch in Goleta.

  15. PCRS says:

    Keeping Pumpkins Fresh: Buff on vaseline/petroleum jelly to your pumpkins helps to give them great shine and make them last longer!! You’ll get that designer look in no time and keep your pumpkins fresh!!

    Smelly Pumpkins: Before lighting the pumpkins, sprinkle a little cinnamon on the jack o lantern lids, it smells wonderful on your porch and adds to the fun when welcoming your trick or treaters.