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The Royal Conservatory program of music study and assessment is offered to the guitar students of Song In My Heart Studio.


The Royal Conservatory program of music study and assessment is considered the preeminent music education system in many countries around the world. This program provides an effectively sequenced system of music study from beginner to advanced levels, and is recognized by international music schools, universities and colleges, orchestras, and ensembles.

“We are happy to have this program available for our students. Formal assessment is an important part of the learning process. An Internationally recognized adjudicatotion and certification help motivate students and instill a sense of accomplishment.” Said Vahid Imani Director of the guitar program at Song In My Heart Studio.

Each year, more than 100,000 students across North America participate in the internationally recognized Certificate Program of The Royal Conservatory. After the practical (performance) and theory (written) requirements have been met, the student will receive the official certificate from The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program in which clearly identifies the student, the level, the instrument, and the academic standing.

Song In My Heart Studio’s guitar studios are located in Santa Barbara and Solvang. The fall semester will start the first week of September. For more information please visit

To contact Song In My Heart Studio call (805) 245-1996

August 16, 2015

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