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CrossFit Innate summer program for teens


Don’t you wish you had a fun, engaging, strength and conditioning program as a teenager? Well, myself and all the coaches and athletes at Innate all wish we started CrossFit as a teen/adolescent.

It would have prevented injury, boosted confidence and performance in our sport/life in general.

Not to mention we would be better athletes today if we had that solid foundation. So if it’s a good fit, consider giving your teen the opportunity to participate in this awesome 4 week training program/intro to CrossFit.


The Innate Teen Summer CrossFit Program

  • Who’s it for?​ Teens (14-17) who are ready to work hard, get fit and have fun. We will have modification & customization for all levels.
  • What’s included? A 1 on 1 Private Introductory Session and Assessment + our 4 week Fundamentals Program designed to teach the fundamentals of functional, athletic human movement and achieve awesome results.

Students will learn:

  • proper warm up, stretching, and mobility routines
  • movement skills: Such as running, jumping, basic bodyweight/gymnastic movements, and weightlifting.
  • The basics of healthy nutrition.

All of this will be covered through a variety of fun training methods with. Why? Build confidence, prevent injury (who doesn’t want to prevent that next ACL tear?), improve athleticism for sport, boost overall health and fitness and plant the seed for a lifetime of healthy living.


  • The Program will run Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:00-2:30pm
  • 1st session: starts 6/22 and runs to 7/17
  • 2nd session: starts 7/20 and runs to 8/14
  • *Don’t worry if you’ll have to miss a few days, make ups will be available.


  • CrossFit Innate
    360 S. Hope Ave C105, SB 93105


  • Investment? Only $297 for a Private Introductory Session + the 4 week training program.
  • Don’t miss out – Only 10 spaces available/session
  • (We will have 2 need based scholarships available per session, so don’t let the cost stop you from applying for this life changing program!).


  • Contact us today @ 805-698-4057 or email
    to reserve your spot and schedule your teen’s Private Introductory Session.
June 2, 2015

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