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Create Kid Camp at Home


An unstructured week home with the kids…does this sound dreamy or daunting? Perhaps a little of both? If you’re not able to take advantage of one of the great spring break programs happening around town, here are some ways to create Camp Kid at home!

  • Camps generally employ a structured schedule that you can recreate at home. Plan a nature walk and an art project during the morning. After lunch, go to the beach, park or some other big outing to get the wiggles out. Having a structured schedule can fend off boredom and acting out, and will help the whole family take advantage of the extra togetherness.
  • FOB. FOB is every camp counselor’s secret. It stands for Flat On Back, Feet On Bed. Think of it as quiet time or recharging time. Typically taken after lunch, FOB can be a time for your kids (and you!) to spend time alone in their rooms, doing whatever quiet activity will renew them for the afternoon ahead (reading, napping, listening to music, computer games, etc).
  • Ready to kick it up a notch? Plan theme days! Go to the Maritime Museum, enjoy a beach walk, do an art project with sea shells, and finish off the day with a pirate-themed dress-up meal.
  • Plan a Camp Kid with neighbors or friends. Each family can take responsibility for two or three days of the break. Take a day trip. Carpinteria is just a train ride away. Solvang is a quick trip over the mountains. Explore the nooks and crannies of our great region, take pictures, and let your kids make a scrapbook of their new favorite place.

What have you done with your kids that made for a successful summer break?

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June 1, 2015

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