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Seeing Your Home with Fresh Eyes


Spring and Summer Travel Can Inspire Home Improvement

Although this may sound strange and counter-intuitive, I think the easiest way to get inspired to make improvements in one’s home and garden is to have a break from both. In the same way that going out for a really wonderful meal can inspire you in your own kitchen, giving yourself a period of time away from home helps you to come back and see your home more clearly. These breaks are a recharge and inspiration opportunity. Spring and summer often involve short trips and “moments away.” Your home can benefit from the fresh eyes, energy, and inspiration your travels provide, so be sure to carve out a bit of time over the next few months for some needed home improvement.

Fresh Eyes:

Every time I walk in the door from being away, I see things in a new light. I think it is actually more accurate to say, after being away I see things– period. We are all susceptible to not seeing the things in our everyday lives because we become so accustomed to them. Even experienced designers claim to have this issue. Take note of the things that jump out at you most when you come back after having been away. You will not be able to fix everything you want to, but resolve to improve the things that really struck you as needing improvement when you came back home. Most often, fresh eyes remind us that something needs to be taken away—edited—not added!


The best reason to tackle a house project after having been away is that hopefully your time away has recharged you to some degree. Take advantage of this to make your home look, feel or function better.


Inspiration can come from so many sources. It can be as simple as honing in on a new color, appreciating a storefront or spending time in a place of natural beauty. It can come from admiring a friend’s organized pantry! I was inspired recently by the colors of vegetables at a recent visit to my local Farmers’ Market! Bring something from your experience—whatever that experience is– back with you. You can transform a room very inexpensively by adding a couple of throw pillows in a fresh color, for example. You can create a centerpiece for your dining room table based on something you saw in a store or in nature. Feeling inspired by something– however small—is a gift. Capitalize on it by bringing that inspiration into your home.

Carve Out Time:

Home improvement takes time. It could be ten minutes. It could be a devoted weekend to a do a DIY project. It could be much more. Seize upon inspiration to actually schedule time to work on your home. Write your home improvement goals down. Make a list. Home improvement does snot happen on its own.

With spring breaks and summer travel coming, I know that there will be lots of recharge and inspiration opportunities. How great that you and your home can benefit.

April 22, 2015

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