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It is time to get rid of your email clutter & change some habits! Try to keep your In-Box to less than 20 emails. It takes discipline to keep your email organized but it will also cut down on your time if you have a system.

  • DAILY… Check your email daily so you do not get behind.
  • USE YOUR DELETE BUTTON… Immediately delete the junk mail that you do not need.
  • FOLDERS & FILES… After you have read and responded to emails, then either delete them, archive them or file them but either way, move them out of your in-box. Don’t over file or over save!
  • PRIORITIZE… Create a File that is called PRIORITY or make your in-box your priority box and file everything else.
  • FOLLOW-UP… It is always good to have a follow-up file that you check weekly or monthly so important things do not slip through the cracks.
  • READ & RESPOND… Respond to emails right away so they do not build up.
  • SET-UP FILTERS/RULES… this is great for subscriptions because it bypasses your in-box and you can check that folder when you are ready. For those of you doing a lot of social networking, this is fabulous for those constant facebook and twitter emails that you do not need to see constantly.
  • ARCHIVE… when you archive email it stays in your “all mail” but it is moved out of your in-box so if you need to search for email, it is still available.
  • SEARCH… This is a fabulous tool… put the email in for the person you are looking for and do a search and it will bring up all emails related to that account. If you are looking for something from a specific company, you can do just the last part of the email address [ie:] and it will bring up all email related to that company regardless of which individual you were corresponding with.
April 16, 2015

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