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The tooth fairy… does she come to your house?


It is such a big deal to lose the first tooth. And once you start talking to other parents, you realize there is a bit of pressure to make it special.

We started off strong with the first tooth and were so proud of ourselves… $5 for the first tooth (it was $1 for the rest of them) and a special note from the tooth fairy congratulating our child on losing her first tooth. After that it went downhill… we would go to bed and forget about hiding the money under the pillow only to find our daughter in tears because she thought the tooth fairy forgot and then scrambling to find $1 to hide under the sheets and explaining to our daughter that all her moving during the night must have moved the money from under her pillow. With three kids, there always seemed to be another tooth for a few years straight. The pressure!

So we would love your tips…

How do you keep it magical for your children?

Do you use fairy dust?

How did you decide how much to pay for each tooth?

Do you have special tooth fairy pillow?

Share your tips and traditions below!!

February 4, 2015

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  1. Lisa says:

    The tooth fairy comes to our house and leaves $1.00 per tooth. when I was a kid I got 10 cents a tooth. I am surprised by the fact that some of my kids friends and classmates get upwards of &20 per tooth. I think that is extreme. But I love the tradition. It is one of the small joys of childhood.

  2. Summer says:

    We weren’t prepared at first. My daughter got her first loose tooth 2 weeks ago but I didn’t notice til the end of the week then she lost it last week. We weren’t the least bit prepared since she’s only 3. The xrays at the dentist showed that it was all on track though, she had no trauma and her adult teeth are on the cusp of making their way out! She did get all her teeth even molars by the time she was 1 and they said sometimes when they get then early, they also lose them early. So I figured i would find an envelope or something to put it in and have her put it under the pillow and replace it with a few dollars once she fell asleep, but my mom came up with something better. She had found on Pinterest an idea to make a little felt purse to put the tooth in and when we replaced it with money we also included a reciept. The reciept was a piece of paper that said her name, age, and date of exchange, plus a little note from the tooth fairy. My grandparents put in $3 and my mom $1, and I $1. My daughter loved it! We saved the purse and plan to use it again.

  3. Marygrace says:

    My 2 oldest got braces off in December – quite the exciting moments and their teeth look great. My little charges (2&4) just started going to dentist – cavities & need to floss more! I sure as heck never flossed when I was 4! Go figure.

    • Marygrace says:

      Also when my kids were younger with the tooth fairy i would give them a dollar coin. They always misplaced it so i just kept giving them the same one over and over.

  4. Kate Smith says:

    The tooth fairy does come to our house when a tooth is lost. The tooth fairy likes to give $2.00 bills because they seem more fun and unique than &1.00 bills.

  5. Monique Littlejohn says:

    The tooth fairy has visited our house twice in the past two months for our 5-year old. We first answer her questions such as, is it a boy or a girl? (girl) Is she big or little? (she starts out big and uses magic to become tiny enough to move under the pillow to grab the tooth pouch) What does she do with the teeth? (she puts them in the garden and they create fairy rings of moss. the teeth are like fairy lights, where they dance at night)

    I also walk around our yard and look for spots of moss and areas where the moss grows in rings and then show her that the fairies are in our garden, but we just can’t see them.

    The tooth fairy gives my daughter $5 because of inflation. I got a silver dollar when I was a kid.