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Silent auctions, class projects and unique events

Below are some ideas that will help you think outside the box when you are planning a fundraiser. Feel free to share your own in the COMMENTS section.


  • A Class Quilt
    A different member of the class, including the teacher and aide, decorates each square of the blanket.
  • Dream Boards or Vision Boards
    The students tear pictures from magazines and text that appeals to them under a given theme. For example, a collage about ones future career, travel destinations, or a dream location to live. Have students glue the photos onto a poster board and then in a circle, share what their collage means to them..
  • Arts and Crafts with Jars
    Save baby food jars from younger siblings and fill them with different things to sell, kids can decorate the jars.
  • Decorative Mirror designed by kids
    Mosaic/glass tiled decorative mirror.
  • Kid Coupons
    The students would hand make coupons for tasks that they are willing to perform for the winner of the auction, such as washing a car, cleaning a house, running errands, walking the dog, babysitting, etc.
  • Music CD
    All kids from any grade can make a cd of their favorite songs and put it in a cd cover with their picture on the front!
  • School Principal for The Day
    As Principal for the Day, your child will work with the Principal all day, observing classrooms, supervising yard duty, communicating with the office. You might consider making a special decision for the day like extended recess. On this day, you will have lunch with the staff as well.
  • Painting Project
    Get an unfinished kids table and chairs – paint it, and have each child put their hand on it with paint – add their name, then coat it with a nice top coating.
  • Tile Painting Projects
    Each child designs a tile(parents and teachers can participate too). Paint plates or make a creative piece with clay.


Silent Auction Basket Ideas

  • Fertility Basket
    Gift Certificate for Fertility specialist consultation, ovulation chart, tasteful boxers, gift certificate for babysitter, ovulation predictor kit, jar prenatal vitamins, and a gift certificate for a massage for 2.
  • Maid Service Delivery
    Home maid service come to your home for a day and clean your entire house. Includes carpet cleaning and laundry service.
  • Gardening Basket
    Basket containing items for kids to plant vegetables in garden and care for them (i.e., seed packets, small shovel, gloves, apron, etc.)
  • Family Game Basket
    Basket filled with fun board games, card games, puzzles, Mad Libs or other interactive books, Twister, etc.
  • Art Party basket
    The basket is filled with art supplies and a mini canvas, watercolors, brushes and an art therapy book, magazines for collage, glue, scissors and a mini sketchbook.
  • Family Fun Membership Basket
    Donated annual family memberships to kid friendly places like the zoo, amusement parks or  museums.
  • Restaurant Gift Certificate Basket
    An auction basket full of gift certificates from local restaurants.
  • Family Night Basket
    This basket contains supplies that a family could use on a Friday or Saturday night together. For example, it might contain a classic family movie (or two) to watch, microwave popcorn to snack on, gift certificate for dinner (either go out or pick up and you might be able to get restaurants to donate this). Or if you wanted to get some volunteers who could cook dinner for the family and have the homemade dinner delivered to the house (casserole). The basket could also contain a game that the family could play together. Students can create a game that gets the family talking to each other and having fun.
  • Scrapbook Basket
    A scrapbook and supplies for preserving memories.
  • Luncheon with your Local Firemen
    A meal with the firemen at the firehouse. 
  • Henna Party
    As a henna artist, I donate a “Henna Party” to my school’s fundraising events. Since I won’t do kids under 10 (too wiggly!), this item appeals to students in middle school and MOMS!!! I’ve had a few groups of moms band together for this item!
  • Student Car Wash
    For an auction, it would be fun for a class to offer to wash cars for a family.
  • Date Night
    At schools which go through 8th grade, the older grades can offer a Parent’s Night Out and baby sit (with adult supervision, of course) a group of kids, so the parents can go out dancing, or to dinner and a movie. 
  • Fun Day in the Sun
    Tickets for enjoyable tourist activities to do around town. Activities include water taxi, tandem bike for 4, trolley ride, and  ice cream. 
  • Camping Basket
    Goodies that can be used for an impromptu camping day, including hiking equipment, sleeping bag, flashlights, and small tent.
  • Road trip basket
    Bookstore gift card (for reading in the car or book on tape)-small travel toys-travel bingo etc.magna doodle, coloring books, crayons, small travel desk for coloring on, electronic toys-window cling-ons, etch-a-sketch, color wonder markers with paper pad.
  • Movie Night Basket
    2 movie passes, certificate for popcorn & drinks, $25 dinner certificate.
  • Costume Basket
    Have each parent in the class put in dress-up costumes – hats, gloves, shoes, scarves, play jewelry, bandanas, eye patches, old Halloween costumes, etc. Wrap it up in colored cellophane with a big bow!
  • Organic Goodies Basket
    I think teaching kids to eat healthy and quality food is very important. So-if you make a basket with organic products or food (that won’t perish in a week) and ask the market to donate a gift certificate so that you can put it in there. All the market needs is your Tax id number for schools-and they will do it. It’s a great way to get great products out there for families.
  • Sleepover Party at the Zoo
    A sleepover party at the zoo, with kids wearing animal costumes (contact zoo for specifics). 
  • Music Basket
    A basket with a musical theme – concert tickets, instrument(s), CDs, MP3 player, etc. 
  • Cultural Handicrafts
    I’ve seen handicrafts made by women in 3rd world countries. It would be neat to be able to support a great cause and also auction off interesting cultural handicrafts at the same time. 
  • Birthday Party Basket
    Birthday party for 8 in a basket: includes party hats, napkins, plates, cups, plastic forks, goodie bags and fillers, table cloth, balloons, art project for 8 kids, certificate for a cake and candles. One for girls (i.e. Princess) and a different one for boys (i.e. pirates)


  • Kids Haircuts
    Have a salon or individual stylists come to your school or event. They can either donate their time and do cheap cuts to raise money or charge their normal rate and split the money with the organization/school. Have a bake sale at the same time to increase profits. Make sure to get the word out. 
  • Tile Wall
    Kids and businesses can decorate tiles with handprints, paint a picture or paint a logo. Families or businesses purchase the tile. It is a project that will be up for years to come.
  • Casino Night
    Hire someone to help you host a Casino Night. There are many creative ways to have your attendees win big along with your favorite school or charity.
  • Teacher Raffle
    Raffle off tickets for $5-$10. The goal is to send one teacher (or staff) on a vacation or an overnight (get this donated). Parents & kids are motivated to buy tickets to do something nice for their teachers. The parent writes the teachers name on the ticket that they want to win. Of course the more a class gets involved — the better their teacher’s chances are to win. 
  • School Carnival & Raffle
    Put on a carnival. Get local businesses to donate prizes for a raffle. Kids purchase tickets for the homemade booths.
  • Party Book
    Compile a book with donated “parties” from parents, teachers and local businesses. Sell individual spaces to each party for adults and or kids. You can combine this project with a school auction or as a stand alone event. Party ideas include: dinner parties, cheerleading party, movie night, bunco, mini-bunco, gymnastics party, gingerbread decorating, Moms Night, etc. 
  • Giving-Back-a-thon
    Have students collect pledges based on volunteer hours. The school or families can set up volunteer days where students can do anything from working with various organizations or picking up trash or visiting retirement homes or do projects on campus. They will be raising money and giving back to the community.
  • Coin War
    Each class makes their own “homemade” bank to collect their money. Set a time limit of 1-2 weeks to see which class can bring in the most change.Do a daily tally so the classes stay involved until the end. Get creative with the competition & offer a pizza party for the winning class.
  • Raffles
    Raffles are a great way to make money for your organization or school. You can make money off the tickets you sell. The key is to getting great prizes donated by businesses. Have awards for those that sell the most raffle tickets to encourage sales. Print a list of the potential raffle prizes so that people who are buying the tickets are motivated to buy more. Ask people to sell a certain amount of tickets so that everyone participates. These people can choose to sell them or take the easy way out and buy the tickets for themselves.
  • Restaurant Ideas
    Many restaurants will donate a percentage to your fundraiser if you host it at their location. For example, you can host your dinner there, you encourage everyone to attend that day and everyone pays for themselves. Some will even do the total of all meals purchased from 4-9pm in the evening even if the customers were not part of your event. This means there is very little set-up, no clean up, no cooking or hiring caterers and it is a fun night out for everyone. You can raise even more money by coordinating a raffle for the evening.
    You can raise money for your school by registering at If you register your credit card, ATM cards with escrip, every time you make a purchase at a variety of vendors (ie: Payless, Office Max, etc), they will contribute 3-10% of your purchases to the school of your choice. You can also register your Albertsons card for their Community Partner Program to support your child’s school.
February 2, 2015

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