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Beyond the Bake Sale


Unique Fundraising Ideas

It’s fundraising season, dreaded fundraising season. Whether your preschool, sports team, moms group, at some point you will be called upon to help with fundraising. Car washes, wrapping paper sales, and gala auctions are all good standbys, but we’re here to help you think outside the (chocolate) box with some creative money-makers.

  • Find a local mom or dad with a small business. Most direct sellers will gladly help you develop a fundraiser AND know how throw a fun party. Small businesses can reach new customers and appreciate the exposure. Direct sellers can be companies like Mary Kay, Thirty-One Bags, Stella & Dot, Scentsy, Shakalee, etc. You can find local sellers through any of their corporate websites.
  • Raffle. I love a good raffle. To have a successful raffle, keep the price of tickets low and the number of items high. I would rather spend $20 on 20 tickets to “spend” on many items than on one chance to win one high-value item. Solicit donations from local businesses and from local families. Put together themed baskets (even simple ones) and have a party while raffling off all your fun items (so much more satisfying that never knowing whether or not you won that weekend Aspen).
  • Move-A-Thon or Dance-A-Thon. Maybe jogging in a circle sounds pretty boring to you. Dance, move, shake your way to a successful fundraiser!
  • Bail ‘Em Out! Find a community celeb or principal to “jail” for the day, letting them out only when enough “bail” is raised.
  • Clothing Exchange. Have group members donate gently used clothing and then charge a small fee for each new-to-you item taken home.
  • Cake Walk. Ok, this one isn’t as original, but I love a good cake walk.

What fun or unique fundraisers have you done in the past? What worked well for your group? Share your ideas below!

[AUTHOR: Becca]

January 28, 2015

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