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Close to the Heart: Baby Wearing… and a Giveaway!


As a working mom of two little ones, I will jump at the chance to make our lives simpler and easier. For me, baby wearing has been an essential part of managing our day-to-day. When London, my youngest, was a newborn, she was worn all day long. I loved feeling her close to me in our wrap. It made going for walks, getting lunch for her brother, and even getting work done so much easier! I took her to her first business networking event when she was five weeks old. She made no peep and stayed sweetly asleep in her wrap the entire time. With London snug against my chest, it was easy to be hands free and snuggling her at the same time. As she’s gotten older, we often put her in the Ergo for long walks or hikes after her chubby, little legs get tired. We can explore further without having to depend on stroller-friendly terrain. Baby wearing as been such a wonderful bonding and practical choice for our family.


So to help you experience the joy of baby wearing, we’re giving away a Boba wrap! To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us something that helped you “get it done” when your babies were little. All entries must be received by February 10th.


The innovative Pish Posh Baby Boba Wrap is the perfect wrap style carrier for both advanced babywearers and beginners. Featuring a unique fabric blend free of buckles, straps, or buttons, it offers simple, no-guess tying and a hands-free hold that is comfortable for both you and your baby. It also makes breastfeeding a cinch! By evenly distributing the weight of your child, there is no time limit to how long your baby can stay in the wrap. You may calm and soothe your baby with your warmth, your voice, your movement, and your heart beat for as long as you both would like! The Boba Wrap holds babies weighing from 7-35 lbs. Available in black, navy blue, gray, orange, purple and print stardust, the Pish Posh Baby Boba Wrap retails for $37.99 at

And that’s not all!

PPB Contest

In honor of National Newborn Photography Month, Pish Posh Baby is holding a “Baby Casing Photo Contest.” Snap a pic of your gorgeous baby (or someone else’s) in or on a suitcase (ala “baby-casing”). Use the hashtag #BabyCasing and you’ll be entered to win our grand prize—your baby’s pic on the back of 50 NYC buses! How fun is that?  Contest is open through January 31, 2015.  After that, stop back to vote for your favorite baby!



January 27, 2015

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  1. Lucy says:

    Pandora tuned to the Walt Disney Channel and Thomas the Tank engine helped me get it as done as possible!

  2. Kate Smith says:

    Baby wearing is great! I use a Baby Bjorn (although it hurts my back after a while) to “get it done” and I can nurse at the same time.