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7 party tips that ensure kids and parents are happy


Let the party reflect who your child really is….

  • Of course your children are always going to ask for Spiderman and Princess parties. Encourage your child to be unique. Taking your party to the next level may require a little more thought time as far as creating a theme, but it is always worth it. Think about what your child likes to do or what the child is really good at. If your son adores soccer, set-up a mini tournament. Guests arrive and make their own ‘jerseys,’ followed by a scrimmage and soccer ball pizza. If she loves to dance and her birthday is at the end of the summer, why not have everyone show up in their Fiesta skirts, bring in a Spanish dance instructor for 45 minutes and spend some time making paper flowers.

ONE favor vs. an entire bag of junk…..

  • An entire bag of junk? Yes. You know what I am referring to- the infamous goodie bag, filled with all kinds of plastic breakable toys and other little ‘treasures’ that the car wash finds as they are vacuuming underneath the seats of your car…..Instead of sending home items that will end up in 70 pieces in under 2.2 seconds, consider 1 item that may last a little bit longer, or may actually get used. For example, at the soccer party, send each kid home with a real (not-too expensive) soccer ball that they can kick around at home. They might have cost a bit more as an individual item but once you added up the cost of everything that would have gone into the bags, it all equals out.

Activities- they double as favors AND keep the kids busy….

  • Continuing with the favor idea….why not have the favor be something that the children have worked on during the party? Like the Fiesta party, the children can take home the flowers that they worked on. Creating a fairy wand, a treasure chest, decorating a cookie…these items turn into favors that the children take home and they are less likely to toss them under the driver’s seat when they have spent their time and energy creating them. It also creates an activity for the children to do during the party.

Hire people to help out and entertain….

  • Bring in a dance instructor. Bring in a soccer player from the local college. Bring in your babysitter and her friends to do planned activities and projects like creating those paper flowers mentioned above. Having someone else to entertain and/or do games with your children as well as their guests allows you to enjoy the moment and lets the kids enjoy something different and fun. (Think of those gymnasium parties where the parents are enjoying themselves and the kids come home happy and tired- a win-win for everyone involved).

Have someone else take the pictures…

  • The last thing you want to be doing during your son or daughter’s party is running around taking pictures of everything. Many photographers in town can be hired by the hour fairly inexpensively to capture all of the moments and details of the party so that you can relax and celebrate with your child rather than going nuts trying to make sure you don’t miss anything on film. Don’t want to hire someone? Hand off the camera to a good friend for the day- it can be their gift to your child.

Often less is more but sometimes more is more…..

  • Trying to decorate a space in all its entirety to fit a theme can be extremely challenging, not to mention, extremely pricey. Choosing one focal table or area to concentrate your décor will get your point across much more effectively. On the other hand, if you have a 2-year-old who is obsessed with balloons- then by all means- fill your space with as many balloons a physically possible.

Cupcakes- minis are magnificent!

  • How often have you seen a kid finish an entire regular size cupcake? Really. It is usually just a lick of frosting or just a bite of the cake and then the rest ends up in the garbage. Mini-cupcakes get the point across and they are the perfect size for children of all ages and their parents. And they are really darn cute to boot!

[AUTHOR: Kim Curtis – Business Owner, Toast]

January 18, 2015

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