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New Year Mommy Resolutions


When I came from London back in September, I was full of resolutions and new changes I wanted to make in my life. But then we found out that we were pregnant and hyperemesis gravidarum had set in with a freaking vengeance, and soon I basically got out of bed once every two weeks.

So there went my resolutions about walking more and visiting museums. My less-yoga-pants-more-real-outfits pledge? Ha. HA. Every few days, my husband would gently prod me out of bed, into the shower, and then I’d exchange one pair of sweats for another.

I was laid low, friends. Laid. Low.

It has been a season of scaling back, of simplifying, and it certainly hasn’t all been a negative. Here are my new {improved} resolutions for the upcoming year:

1. Wear real outfits occasionally. As the next five and a half month go along, my yoga pants will feel more and more comfortable, but I need to somedays resist the urge and actually get dressed. There’s going to be a lot of grace in this area.

2. Don’t keep secrets. My pregnancy was like the world’s worst kept secret. A girlfriend and I went out for drinks one night. She ordered a glass of wine and I ordered a hot chocolate. I didn’t have the energy to make up an excuse, so when my mug was set in front of me, I looked at her, shrugged, and admitted, “Well, I’m pregnant.” One day as my husband valiantly managed everything in our family, he finally said to me, “We need to tell people so that we can get some help around here.” He was so right and i’m so glad we did. Our friends were more than generous with the meals they brought and the times they took Cruz off our hands so that we could rest.

3. Get writing. Due to all this morning sickness I have missed writing and blogging like crazy. It’s taught me to make sure I keep up with the hobbies that really fill my spirit.

4. Relax. Poor Cruz barely ever went to the park or had a playdate during my first trimester and he’s fine. I haven’t cracked open my copy of What to Expect and the baby is going to be fine. Cruz has now watched an unbelievable amount of television and he’s fine. We’ve only eaten food that comes in packages and it’s not how I want to cook, but we’re fine. Fine.

Get dressed occasionally. Ask for help. Do the things you’re passionate about. Relax your expectations.

Is that good news to anyone else?

[AUTHOR: Becca Eliasen]

January 2, 2015

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