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5 Must Haves for a Babysitter Bag

  1. A Great Attitude! Your Primary job is Safety! Parents are nervous leaving their children with a sitter. Your Fun and Competent attitude will win them over!
  2. Job Information Sheet contains contact information, address, special needs, allergies, routines and medical emergency authorization.
  3. Age Appropriate book/toys A new toy or story can make playtime or distraction time go more smoothly.
  4. An extra shirt. Babysitting isn’t the time to wear your best outfit. Having an extra shirt to change into especially when sitting for infants and toddlers comes in handy especially after a healthy spit up!
  5. Your Own First Aid Kit Most homes have bandages but having exactly what you need, the right size gloves, bandages, CPR barrier can make your care more effective.


[Our Babysitter Training classes are held in Santa Barbara several times per year. Our class is a comprehensive half day course that includes a CPR/AED Certification for Infant and Children. To contact, email or Call 805-705-9222 or Visit ]

October 23, 2014

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