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A unique Halloween… costumes, activities & candy


Make this a night they will not forget! Create your own unique costume, try something new instead of candy…

  • Visit local costume stores and thrift stores for props, clothes and costumes.
  • Make your own costume. There are great ideas on line through different parenting magazines.
  • If you have a daughter, you probably have a dress-up box – go through that and have her get creative with something she already owns.
  • Host a Halloween costume party for your kid’s friends. Have other parents help with snacks, goodies and games. This is a great way to get together with your mom’s group. Families can bring a decorated pumpkin for a contest. It can be fun to pre-bake sugar cookies with Halloween cookie cutters. The kids can decorate them when they get back from trick-or-treating.
  • Fun alternatives to handing out candy… Stickers, bags of pretzels, trinket toys, coins, toothbrushes
  • Halloween Fundraising… Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF’ is a 59-year-‘young’ education and fundraising initiative that gives US children, along with their parents and teachers, the opportunity to learn about their peers worldwide who are truly in need – and to raise money on their behalf. US children have collected $144 million by going door-to-door with the trademark orange collection boxes on Halloween and by planning fundraisers with their school or group.
  • Eat a healthy dinner. Try to get a healthy dinner into your kids before you go out. This way they will not just fill up on candy.
  • Ideas for what to do with all that candy… Have them pick out their 10 favorite pieces to be enjoyed in the upcoming days and then buy the rest off of them. Maybe $5 for the bag. They can put it in their piggy bank feel rewarded for giving up their candy and you can take the candy into your office and get it out of the house.
October 2, 2014

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