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Capturing the love with photos


I love pictures: taking pictures and looking at pictures. I inherited my fondness for photos from my grandmother, Maymi. Every summer, I would spend hours looking at all the shots she had taken since the last time we were together. She was kind of obsessed with capturing the most miniscule moments. Just like my grandma, I take pictures of everything! I don’t always organize and put them in albums, but I take comfort knowing I have them on hand Some are snapshots, many of them are from my favorite app, instagram, but regardless of the technology, setting up a nice shot is a must if the memory is to endure. Yes I am a professional photographer, but if you are not, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a little bit of time to set up the shot. Some forethought and easy tips will help you create memories you can proudly share with your grandkids.

The first thing to do is “find the light.” A big window, or a little bit of shade does wonders! If you are in full sun, just turn around a little bit so your subject is shaded from their own shadow.

Next, feel free to be creative. The kids don’t always have to say cheese. Let them play around, be busy, even crying. All these moments are so special and equally worthy commemoration!

Keep your camera handy! I usually keep a camera on the kitchen counter for family candids. I get sweet shots of my son secretly climbing on the furniture, wrestling with the dog, or snuggling with his sister on the couch. Of course, I always have my camera-phone ready to go too!

Last but not least, take a lot of pictures! In this digital age, “exposures” are infinite (and cheap)! You are not paying per shot, so click often, keep the good ones, and trash the ones that don’t work. If you take a lot of pictures, then a great shot is almost guaranteed! Pick your favorite, and you can print it, frame it, put it in a book, share on facebook or all of the above.

My greatest pleasure is capturing and sharing the love; just like grandma did for me!

[AUTHOR: Whitney Hartmann]

October 2, 2014

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