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Life Insurance, the Scary Monster in the Closet?


Ballet Lessons, T-ball, tutors, college savings….. the list goes on for parents. If you’re anything like me, the list of life continually stretches on and on and sometimes we never feel like we ever get anything truly checked off. How many times after a long, energy packed day do we lay in bed and before we start counting sheep, we start counting the things we have to do the next day, and for many of us this continually makes us lose sleep?

One of the areas that many parents stress about but never truly take action on is the ultra-scary world of life insurance. It on that long list of to-do’s but unfortunately never gets prioritized to the top of the heap. Because lets be serious, it’s not a fun topic to think about. In fact, it’s frightening. Just like your kiddos think there is a monster under their bed at night, this can be many parents scary monster in the closet. If you just don’t open the door maybe it will stay in there forever and never come get you.

The theme this week at ParentClick is “Protecting Your Child’s Future”. One of the most important ways to do this is by taking care of yourself and mitigating the impact of the “what ifs” in life. As parents you tend to consistently put the needs of your children before yours. Sometimes that means you don’t even get something as simple as a shower! That being said, insurance in many ways is like an oxygen mask on a plane, we all know the infamous line, “please secure your own mask before assisting others.” We will sign our kids up for ballet or music lessons before we call to find out what the costs would be to protect our little ones future if we don’t get to be around for it.

It’s an un-fun and a scary conversation, which is why many parents plain avoid it. The thought of not being there to see your child enter kindergarten, go to prom, graduate, get married, or hold your grandkids can be so heavy, we just avoid it, say it will never happen to us and move on. Unfortunately, many times unacted upon until we have a best friend lose a spouse, a co-worker diagnosed with cancer, or a loved one taken too soon in a car accident. Horrible things happen to amazing parents; and the people who suffer most though these moments of tragedy are often your kids. To protect your children’s future, make sure they get to live it just the way you wanted them too, even if you don’t get the awesome privilege of being there.

So just like your tell little ones that there isn’t a scary monster under the bed, the life insurance conversation is the same way, just a dark closet that needs to have the light turned on and more importantly checked off your never ending to-do list.

[AUTHOR: Amy Ackerman is a fourth generation finance and insurance professional. She specializes with families on insurance and financial conversations.]

August 5, 2014

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  1. Teri Coffee McDuffie says:

    A really good article addressing the ‘fears’ and ‘avoidance’ factors that parents may have when it comes to Life Insurance and the future well-being of their children. I am a Self Defense instructor and I think it is so important to think ahead about ‘safety’ and ‘security’ plans BEFORE things happen and Amy is helping us do this in a different way. Cheers to Amy!