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I am bored!


I am not an artist and I can get antsy if I am in a museum for too long but I do think exposing children to art is important. We just spent a week in Washington D.C. with our daughters and toured the Capitol Building, Holocaust Museum, Air & Space Museum along with several monuments and memorials. A couple years prior to that we spent several weeks in Europe where they learned about French Impressionism and toured many Cathedrals and learned a little about architecture.

I am not going to lie and say our kids ask to do these things or that we do not occasionally hear “I am bored” once we arrive. However if we keep the visits short, we are usually successful. It is getting harder to compete with digital devices and fast-paced technology but these visits bring what they are learning at school to life and it is fun to observe them as they recognize an artist they learned about in art class or a piece of history they studied.

Locally, we try to go to at least one of the high school musicals in the spring and every summer, we go to a show at the Solvang Theaterfest which is an amazing experience to see theater under the stars.

This summer, make sure to calendar in some time to visit the special exhibits at all our different museums.

June 21, 2014

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