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Trying to Make the Flight


While you are reading this, I will be 30,000 feet in the air (hopefully sound asleep). I am on my way to the East Coast with my 3 daughters to visit family and meet up with my husband. Any of you that have travelled with kids know the effort it takes to actually start your journey and can probably relate to the chaos that leads up to taking off…

The week was already filled with end of the year school events and a graduation for my youngest. This morning I raced to drop off the kids at their schools for finals and a beach field trip, then took the dog to the groomer, then back to the office to work, then stocked up on snacks, games and books for the plane ride, then a quick visit to the doctor so my daughter could do a health check for her summer job, then back for pick ups and tearful goodbyes as we left our elementary school for last time after 7 years. As usual, I was the last one to pack with only minutes to spare before catching our flight (I am so grateful for our small airport that allows me extra minutes to get to the airport).

Every time we go on a trip, I question whether it was all worth it UNTIL we arrive! And then I cherish the uninterrupted minutes I get with my family and know that I will happily go through the craziness again. It is just another part of parenthood: a bumpy road that makes us appreciate the times we have a smooth landing.

I was reminded last weekend talking to a friend with a new baby how challenging it can be the first time you travel with your baby. We have been traveling with our kids since they were 3 months old and although it has not always been easy and I will always hate packing – we have had some fun traveling throughout the United States, Europe and Haiti. There have been times though when I thought I was crazy to think I could travel with babies… the 10 hours I spent stuck at the San Francisco airport alone with my 9 month old twins with no more diapers or formula should have caused me to take pause, or the trip to the East Coast for a reunion with our 3 year old twins and a newborn where I came down with a horrible fever and had to go the emergency room… I would not change it for anything though. The memories are wonderful and our kids have become great travelers. They can sleep anywhere, adapt to any time zone and love new adventures.

For those of you wondering when the right time to travel is, it is NOW! There is never a perfect time and your kids are never a perfect age. Just take plenty of supplies, get as many tips as you can from seasoned travelers and pack up the kids.

June 20, 2014

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