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stories and articles about blended family life and step parenting., a new website that offers advice and community for blended family parents, is focusing on the fine art of stepmothering in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is often a stressful day that challenges a stepmother’s role and identity.

“Mother’s Day can be a very hard time for some stepmoms. You put in all of the motherly work but often don’t get acknowledged on the day. Your stepkids are with their mom as they should be but it leaves a hole…. a reminder of the complexities of blended family living.”

Topics and experts currently highlighted:

In Words of Love Between Mom and Stepmom, author Trish Eklund shares her gratitude for her children’s stepmom, and stepmom Molly responds with her appreciation.

Co-founder Sarah Kinbar grapples with the genuine fear many stepmothers face: that they will somehow lose their stepchildren due to divorce or alienation. The Stepmom’s Secret addresses the issues that can separate stepparents from stepchildren, and reminds us of the selfless love that keeps us going.

Writer Amy Young delivers A Letter to a Fabulous Stepmother offering kind words of understanding to the stepmom attempting to balance the intense demands of her daily life with the joy of helping her stepchildren grow up.

May 13, 2014

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