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Today I packed a lunch, dropped my daughter off at camp, had a client meeting, answered emails, worked on an ad campaign, and did a load of laundry – all before noon. Some would call me a proficient multi-tasker, but I call myself a Mompreneur. Sure I spent a few years in school getting my MBA and did my time climbing the ladder at marketing firms but just as important on the resume of a Mompreneur are the four days I spent in labor with my daughter and the never-ending daily tasks of managing my ever-crazy household.

Which job is more important? Should I feel guilty for dividing my time between my family and my work? Absolutely not. At some point, I decided I can indeed do it all. What’s more, I see others doing the same.

This morning’s activities make up a pretty typical day for me. If my daughter is off to school, I am off to work. Sometimes that means I am meeting with clients or managing a project while other times it means I am cleaning the house or fitting in a workout. The benefit of being a Mompreneur is that I have flexibility rarely found in a more traditional work environment.

As a marketing consultant to small business owners, I see first hand how Mompreneurs are increasingly carving out their percentage of the small business sector. They are embracing, not hiding, the fact that they are moms and translating these skills into lucrative businesses. They take advantage of flexible hours, even if it means late nights and early mornings or the occasional interruption from a child while on a conference call. Some are spa owners, some are food bloggers, and some have online stores. More powerful, the network of Mompreneurs can be a great resource for anyone thinking about sparking their own entrepreneurial spirit.

Being a Mompreneur has taught me to be proud of my accomplishments. I may be exhausted at 11pm while checking emails but, as I sit there, I reflect on the day – as proud of the new client I signed as I am of the folded laundry and the cookies I baked earlier with my daughter. Like many modern moms, I have found a way to maintain my professional identity without sacrificing the ability to connect with my child. To me, and to Mompreneurs everywhere, this is the ultimate success.

[AUTHOR, Marjorie Large]

May 2, 2014

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