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The Great Unknown…Again


Life with a Toddler and Baby on the Way

For years I heard parents say “having kids will change your life…”

Having now gone through the life altering process of becoming a mother, I feel compelled to share that same piece of wisdom with others contemplating or preparing for parenthood. I share it, just as others did with me, knowing full well that they have no way of comprehending what I’m saying.

Now that our son is 2 years old and I’m 20 weeks pregnant with our second baby, my husband and I are taking in, to the best of our ability, tips, tidbits of wisdom and advice from other parents of more than one child. We feel like no matter what they say, we believe them. Not to say that their experience will apply directly to our family, but to acknowledge that there are things we can learn from all of those who have gone before us. We’ve heard things like: “having two kids is not twice the work, but five times,” “it’s a bit crazy for the first few sleepless diapering years, and then things settle into a rhythm,” “we wondered if we could ever love our second child as much as our first, and it’s undoubtedly possible.”

The biggest question I’ve had for other moms is “how do you do it??” Judging as they were totally right when they said “having kids will change your life,” I believe them completely when they say “I’m not sure how you do it, but you just do…”

Before welcoming our beautiful baby boy into our arms, my husband and I had never felt so much love, excitement, vulnerability, exhaustion, uncertainty, appreciation, tenderness, frustration, or adoration, etc, etc, etc… Knowing that our next child will bring more of the same, and so much more, we welcome him or her with open arms, hearts and minds.

[AUTHOR: Moriah Whoolilurie LM, CPM]


March 3, 2014

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