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5 Tips to Holiday Shopping With Your Tots


1. Keep Your Trip Short. You may love to shop and be ready for a power shopping trip to knock out several holiday gifts, but guaranteed your child isn’t up for that. Plan several small shopping trips rather than long, drawn out ones. You’ll be happier and so will your child.

2. Carve Out Time For Mini-Breaks. Your kids will be much more tolerable if you break up the shopping trip with 15 minute breaks for such things as lunch and a trip to the play area. Also, bring along a special snack/drink and toys to entertain your child while you browse.

3. Choose The Time Wisely. Some kiddos handle a trip to the mall best first thing in the morning when they are well-rested and ready for the day, while others can snooze in the stroller and get their nap in while mom shops.

4. Skip The Big Sales. Crowds and chaos are par for the course with a big sale and although you may be shopping for a big bargain this is usually to overwhelming for your toddler. So skip the mega-sales for a solo shopping trip.

5. Bring The Good Stroller. Bust out the big, sturdy full-sized stroller for a big shopping trip. Not only is it more comfortable for your little one to snuggle up in but it also provides a place to stash your packages. The SnoozeShade blackout blind for strollers helps make it easier for your child to nap while you get some shopping done. 


December 6, 2013

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